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Ample’s evaluation and deployment
strategy for Mac integration


Assess the compatibility, performance, and requirements of integrating Mac devices into your organisation's infrastructure.

Assess your current network infrastructure and ensure compatibility with Mac systems.


Analyse the overall financial benefits and potential return on investment (ROI) of integrating Mac devices into your organisation.

Evaluate the total cost of owning and maintaining Mac devices, including hardware, software, support, and operational expenses.

Explore financing options and flexible payment plans offered by Apple financial services to facilitate the acquisition of Mac devices.


Enrol your IT team in Apple professional training courses to enhance their knowledge and skills in managing and troubleshooting Mac devices.

Provide comprehensive training to your IT team on deploying, managing, and securing Mac devices in your organisation.

Offer training and support for end users to ensure they can effectively use Mac devices and applications in their daily tasks.


Utilise the Apple business Manager platform to streamline your organisation's deployment, management, and configuration of Mac devices.

Implement a Mobile device management (MDM) solution to simplify the administration of Mac devices, including device enrolment, app distribution, and security management.

Ensure all necessary tools and applications are installed on Mac devices and establish a process for updating and maintaining these applications.


Invest in AppleCare for Enterprise to receive priority support, 24/7 technical assistance, and on-site service for your organisation's Mac devices.

Provide your IT team with the resources and tools needed to offer remote and on-site support for Mac devices, ensuring quick resolution of any issues.

Apple Enterprise
Lifecycle Management

  • Streamline Deployment
  • Deployment & Management
  • Apple business Manager
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Security & Compliance
  • Mac Evaluation Utility
  • Services (core, cloud & apps)

Ease of deployment

Deployment is a breeze with Apple business manager, enabling IT teams to easily manage devices, push apps, and create managed Apple IDs. Employees can also personalise their devices without hassle, ensuring a smooth transition to the Apple environment.


Prioritising security, Apple devices and platforms safeguard personal and corporate data with hardware-based encryption, Touch ID, and Face ID. Many of these features are enabled by default, minimising the need for extensive configurations by employees or IT team


Fully compatible with Microsoft and Google apps, our solutions equip your team with essential tools for success.

Seamless integration

Experience the transformative impact of Apple innovation across industries, from retail to manufacturing and services. With seamless integration into your existing infrastructure, Apple for enterprise powered by Ample is your gateway to an extraordinary workplace.

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