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Transforming the campus using innovative technology to ensure seamless connectivity and high interactivity


Customer Challenges

A global company present 150 countries, O.C. Tanner wanted to enhance employee connectivity and communication in its Hyderabad campus with more interactive audio-visual and mobility solutions. This was due to its deep understanding of the fast-evolving employee preferences and the need for personalization, flexibility, and an organisational experience reflecting employee-centricity.

However, the existing hardware and software infrastructure at O.C. Tanner could not fulfil the need for an optimum collaborative experience. This resulted in campus employees restricting video conferencing and virtual collaboration sessions with clients and colleagues to a bare minimum during campus events such as town halls, leading to limited interaction opportunities. The company reached out to Ample to upgrade its conferencing and communication technology with relevant solutions for the 7000+ sq ft campus.

Our Approach

The Ample team assessed the customer concerns in detail and presented a Proof of Concept to address the problems of seamless communication and provide an intuitive experience to the users while enhancing productivity. A blend of smart solutions from leading brands (Samsung, Poly, and Zoom), was leveraged, and the solution was delivered as per planned timelines amidst the challenges posed by the first pandemic lockdown. This involved procuring solutions from premium brand partners in a safe and timely manner.

An integrated collaboration solution

In keeping with the customer’s core need, the solutions deployed translated into a collaborative setup that fostered high employee engagement, inclusivity, and recognition. The Town hall solution used integrated technology for seamless migration between devices and multiple speakers. Irrespective of an employee’s technology expertise, they could easily participate and contribute at gatherings by using user-friendly devices such as iPad.

Similarly, the Huddle Rooms were equipped to ensure that every speaker in the room had equal access to the spotlight during discussions. Together, the solution set (Poly Studio X 30 and Zoom) ensured zero technical glitches, easy-to-use collaboration features, and a full- HD camera that tracked the speaker for impactful communication. The solution did away with the need for a PC or laptop. All the employees needed to do was log into the cloud-based conferencing platform and get started.

The highlight of the Board Room and Conference Room was the installation of a highly intuitive and interactive display. The Samsung Flip’s sensor-based technology, UHD picture quality, and minimal lag time for projected content made it presenter-friendly. Multi-source content importing, multi-format sharing, and multi-user working sessions made it easier for the customer to brainstorm and share knowledge seamlessly with their global teams.

Ample best practices
  • Integration of multiple enterprise solutions for an agile and engaging cloud-based conferencing experience
  • Cognizance of spatial and environment attributes; solutions for powerful noise -cancellation, varying lighting, and pan-size display possibilities
  • Deployment and training for best-in-class presentation and collaboration experience, critical to high-value discussions
  • Timely and complete delivery amidst the first phase of the lockdown, in keeping with the company’s core values
Implementation benefits

Post the deployment, the client has witnessed a notable change in the campus’s connectivity and conferencing ability. Employees now connect with global and regional stakeholders frequently and proactively. On average, conference call ratios have gone up by more than 200 percent within one year.

The effectiveness of conferencing has also gone up, delivering on the needs of a thriving hybrid work environment. The agility and interactivity offered by the solution has enabled individuals and teams on the campus to collaborate seamlessly, while the intuitive functionalities leveraged in the solution aid inclusive knowledge-sharing sessions.