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Mac for startups

Small business, big impact

Amplify your success with Apple and Ample. Our Apple experts will help you find the best devices that meet your needs as a startup to help you get ahead of the curve. Get the best financing options backed by our ongoing IT support wherever you are. Ample's Apple solution offerings for startups provide a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to switch to Apple.

Exclusive deals for startups

  • Switcher program (benefits up to 30%)
  • Apple financing services (lease option, one-time payment)

Startup kits

  • New hire onboarding kit bundles
  • Headsets and connectors
  • AppleCare & insurance

Access to training & Forums

  • IT training
  • User enablement
  • Forum of global expert

With Ample’s specialised solutions, startups can fully embrace the power of Apple and elevate their businesses to new heights, all while attracting and retaining top talent through cost-effective Apple solutions.

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New to Mac

Are you new to Mac?

Businesses across the globe love Mac, and there’s a reason why.

Discover the incredible benefits of introducing Apple products to your enterprise with Ample. We’ll guide you through the process and make it easy for you to transition to the Mac environment. Explore how Ample’s tailor-made solutions can help boost productivity, attract top talent, and build better products.

Our New to Mac kit offers:

  • Mac readiness evaluation
  • Total cost of ownership analysis
  • Proof of concept to pilot
  • IT training and enablement
  • User experience labs
  • Integration and migration services

We understand the concerns of mid-size enterprises, predominantly PC users and might assume Macs are hard to manage, costly, or challenging to service. However, with our support, we can help you debunk these misconceptions and help you understand the advantages of Mac for your organisation. Embrace the power of Ample and Apple, and transform your business today!

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Apple for Large Enterprises

Seamlessly integrate Apple into your enterprise with Ample’s program.

By partnering with Ample, your organisation gains access to our exclusive services tailored for large enterprises, ensuring a seamless integration of Apple products into your business operations.

Ample offers comprehensive solutions that are tailored to specific needs of large organisations, offering enterprise purchase benefits, competitive pricing, and financial services that make the switch to Apple an attractive option.

Our Mac for Large Enterprises kit offers:

  • Deployment & migration services
  • Compliance management
  • IT training & enablement
  • Logistic services
  • Financial services (leasing/renting, enterprise schemes, trade-in service & bonuses)

Partner with Ample and experience the remarkable impact Apple products can have on your business today!

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