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Driving greater Mac adoption among employees in India for a leading ERP implementation company to accelerate preferred technology and cost efficiency goals


Customer Challenges

The company, a global MNC, had discovered in a 2016 survey that Mac[RM1] was the ideal platform for employees across geographies owing to its easy operability and cost-effectiveness. Yet, its device choice program saw few employees in India opting for the brand even three years down the line. The organisation saw this as a technology adoption barrier that was costing it productivity and finances. The company reached out to Ample to identify ways to drive greater Mac adoption among its India employees.

Our Approach

The Ample team invested time engaging with the employees at the Bengaluru campus to understand the reason behind low platform adoption. Based on its interactions, the team concluded that the employees were keen to switch to the Mac experience. However, owing to zero or limited prior experience of using Mac OS, they were apprehensive about the impact of the switch on their everyday productivity. Based on this insight, the Ample team designed a User Enablement Program to drive greater adoption.

A familiarisation-based Enablement Program

The User Enablement Program was implemented in two parts; multiple rounds of demos were conducted on-site followed by quarter-wise training. While the demos allowed employees to develop hands-on comfort with the platform, the training offered the added confidence they needed to arrive at a decision.

Its democratic nature, which normalised apprehensions under premium technology, helped foster a sense of curiosity and discovery around Mac within the organisation. The Ample team’s employee-first approach to the Program (rather than a product-centric approach) drove high user participation during demos as well as trainings. This included asking individuals and teams about the nature of their work, the features and software they currently used extensively, and the limitations they experienced while using their current preferred platforms.

Accordingly, the Ample team would make it a point to highlight the advantages offered by Mac which would be most relevant to the users.

The Ample advantage
  • In-depth interactions with employees to understand key barriers to platform adoption
  • Customised Program design and format based on employee needs
  • End-to-end training and adoption management
Implementation benefits

The User Enablement Program was a huge success in helping the MNC fast-track its Mac adoption goals for India employees. Following the demos and training, the organisation saw a 2x increase in the number of employees signing up for the Mac platform. This also greatly fast-tracked the average learning time for first-time Mac users within the organisation, ensuring that productivity levels remained unaffected during the transition period.

The Program also unlocked significant cost benefits for the organisation. It saved USD 200 per device over a period of three years in terms of device costs, downtime impact, and IT support costs. Given the organisation’s rapidly-growing employee base in Bengaluru, the cumulative impact significantly contributed to its bottom line.

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