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Jamf Protect offers an all-inclusive solution to maintain compliance, address antivirus requirements by preventing macOS malware, and detect and remediate Mac-specific threats. It also defends iOS endpoints against compromise through mobile threat detection and zero-day phishing prevention, using a top-tier app for notifications and remediation.

The Ultimate Device Management & Security Solutions

Corporate mobile devices enable work flexibility, but the proliferation of streaming services can quickly deplete data pools. Jamf Protect helps enforce consistent policies for more efficient and cost-effective management. It empowers organisations to implement acceptable usage policies, eliminate shadow IT, block risky content and manage data consumption with real-time analytics and detailed reporting.

Endpoint Protection

  • Safeguard devices from threats to secure organisational and personal data.
  • Stop known malware and new variants from running on Mac with Jamf Protect.
  • Block new and zero-day threats and on-device security detections for mobile devices.
  • Ensure only approved or compliant external storage devices can connect.
  • Define applications or developer IDs to block, hide or prevent from running on a device.

Threat Prevention and Remediation

  • Safeguarding users from phishing attacks and other cyber threats
  • Prevent threats from impacting protected users and devices.
  • Evaluate unknown domains in real-time to block potential threats.
  • Streamline or automate actions after threat detection.
  • SIEM / SOAR integrations

Content Filtering

  • Privacy-focused content filtering
  • Prevent users from accessing prohibited or risky content on work devices.
  • Block illegal or extreme content.
  • Manage data consumption to control costs.

Security Visibility & Compliance

  • Meet specific compliance requirements and respond immediately to deviations from your baseline.
  • Built using native Apple frameworks by Apple experts for same-day support.
  • Built-in compliance benchmarks.
  • Increased visibility of native Apple security frameworks, including Gatekeeper, File Quarantine, XProtect and MRT actions.
  • Stream robust log and activity data from Mac endpoints to Jamf or your organisation's SIEM.
  • Stream telemetry data to a SIEM without data flowing through Jamf Cloud or other Jamf services using Jamf Protect High Compliance.
  • Extract critical device telemetry.

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