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Jamf Connect streamlines Mac authentication and identity management, achieving Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA). It facilitates remote management of users, groups, passwords and access to corporate applications and cloud resources. It securely connects employees to the devices, apps and data they need for optimal productivity in today's dynamic work environment.

The Ultimate Device Management & Security Solutions

During an Apple provisioning workflow, Jamf Connect simplifies user provisioning from a cloud identity service, incorporating multi-factor authentication and access controls. With Jamf, you can ensure the right users use compliant devices to access authorised resources, regardless of location.

Seamless Account Provisioning

Jamf Connect guarantees a single cloud identity via Okta or Microsoft Azure for accessing a user's device and applications – eliminating the need for Active Directory binding during setup or daily use.

Efficient Identity Management

Enable user authentication through single sign-on (SSO) to avoid managing certificates. Monitor all company devices, user access and device usage, ensuring the device and corporate information remain secure. This is accomplished without affecting battery life and operates discreetly in the background without disrupting the user experience.

Application-Specific Micro Tunnels

Connect users exclusively to authorised apps. Micro tunnels enforce least privilege access and deter lateral network movement, a common vector for security breaches.

Risk-Aware Access Policies

Boost security by denying access to potentially compromised users and devices.

Synchronised Password Management

Jamf Connect synchronises users' cloud identity passwords with local account levels on the Mac, even when passwords are updated.

Unified Access Policy

Our versatile solution accommodates all hosting locations, including on-premises, private and public clouds and SaaS applications. We support all modern operating systems and management approaches, ensuring our solution adapts to your organisation's distinct needs, regardless of your configuration.

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