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Elevate your Enterprise with Apple - The Complete B2B Solution

At Ample, we seamlessly integrate the power of Apple into your enterprise, offering a comprehensive suite of services tailored for efficiency, security, and mobility. Maximise the incredible value of Apple technology across your organisation and discover a new era of productivity with Ample.

Key Aspects

Complete Apple solution provider

End-to-end lifecycle services

Custom solutions based on your unique needs

Proven expertise and methodologies

Innovative financing options

Premier Apple transformation partner for business

Ample offers a complete range of services to successfully transform and empower your business through Apple technology, from initial assessments and strategic planning through deployment, management, support, and device lifecycle transitions tailored to your specific needs. We guide you at every step so you can confidently unlock Apple’s capabilities to drive productivity, creativity, and competitive advantage across your organisation.

Assessment Services

Leverage our assessment capabilities to craft data-driven Apple deployment strategies tailored to your business needs and IT environment.

Infrastructure Assessments: Get guidance on preparing your network, evaluating performance requirements, and ensuring infrastructure readiness to support Apple devices.

Security and Compliance Assessments: Identify security gaps, understand regulatory requirements, and define critical policies to ensure Apple platform compliance with industry and internal standards.

Business Continuity Assessments: Quantify how Apple improves business continuity through stronger device security, cloud capabilities, and next-generation hardware/software reliability.

Procurement Assessments: Get pricing and licensing guidance to inform procurement strategies focused on both immediate cost reduction and long-term TCO savings compared to traditional PC-centric deployments.

TEI Assessments: Model the total economic impact of Apple adoption through cost-benefit analysis across hardware, software, implementation, support, and product life projections versus maintaining status quo technology mixes.

With data-backed assessments unique to your environment as the foundation, make the most informed decisions on integrating Apple technology across your enterprise.

Deployment Services

Streamline Apple platform deployment, enabling rapid rollout and secure configuration through proven methodologies.

Zero-Touch Deployment: Leverage Apple tools like Device Enrollment and mobile device management (MDM) solutions to automate device activation, policies, account setup and app installation for quick, hands-free rollout.

20-Minute Deployments: Our structured fast track process allows new users to unpack devices, connect to WiFi, and access apps/data—enabling productivity under 20 minutes.

Implementation & Integration: Our engineers seamlessly connect devices with directory services, email, VPN, WiFi, and business-critical software systems to avoid productivity lags after deployment.

Apple Business Manager: Use Apple’s powerful portal to automate device assignment to users, enable zero-touch deployment, and distribute apps/books at scale.

MDM Solutions: Enforce granular device policies, configure settings remotely, lock lost equipment, audit usage, restrict unauthorised apps and automate workflows through leading MDM platforms.

Endpoint Security: Leverage various safeguards like FileVault encryption, Gatekeeper, sandboxing and other Zero Trust principles across devices and OS levels to protect corporate data.

Lifecycle Management Services

Manage devices securely, sustainably, and cost-effectively from deployment to end-of-life with complete lifecycle management.

IT Asset Disposition: Retire devices while ensuring data privacy/compliance, maximising residual value, and minimising environmental impact. Our ITAD solutions provide data sanitization along with graded recycling and resale for both ageing and surplus equipment.

Data Erasure: Permanently erase sensitive data prior to device disposal or internal repurposing with our validated data erasure techniques. Choose from several methods including disk wiping, on-device degaussing, and physical destruction. Receive certified data destruction reports for assurance of complete, ironclad sanitization.

Trade-In Program: Get credit or money back when trading in used devices towards new purchases. Trade-ins provide savings on replacement devices while sustainably extending hardware life cycles.

E-Waste Management: Retire devices responsibly by having Ample dispose of e-waste through certified sustainable recycling partners. Receive e-waste handling reports.

Financial Services

Acquire Apple technology through flexible financing and payment options that preserve capital and simplify budgeting.

Apple Financial Services: AFS makes the latest Apple technology easily accessible through affordable, flexible payment options. Higher trade-in values through AFS make upgrading Apple devices more accessible.

  • Affordable Payments
  • Flexible Terms
  • Bullet Payment
  • Lower Interest Rates
  • Easy Documentation
  • Leasing Options

Device-as-a-Service: Simplify forecasting and distribute costs evenly over time with an all-inclusive per-user subscription bundling the latest devices, support, warranties, repairs/replacement, and refreshes.

Online & Mobile POS: Unlock revenue opportunities anywhere via groundbreaking payment processing technologies and contactless payments. Get exclusive credit card perks like discounts, bonus offers and cashbacks.

With Ample guiding your financial game plan, you can secure Apple product access and match spending to usage cycles across the enterprise, departmental, small business and education budgets through pragmatic financing or subscription models.

Logistics Services

Streamline procurement and delivery of Apple devices right to your doorstep while optimising supply chain operations.

Last Mile Delivery: Provide white glove delivery services to get devices from our warehouse directly into the hands of your end users when and where they need them through our last mile logistics network.

Warehousing & Inventory: Leverage our vast Apple inventory and established enterprise distribution channels to fulfil large-scale orders quickly while reducing upfront inventory carrying costs.

Reverse Logistics: Handle device returns, warranty claims, replacements, and repairs smoothly through our centralised return processing centre and national repair depot network.

Drop Ship Deployment: Ship custom-configured devices matching specific user personalities directly to your distributed employee base’s place of work or home to enable swift, out-of-the-box productivity gains.

With Ample controlling your Apple acquisition and fulfilment workflow, take the complexity out of device logistics so you can focus on driving business results.

Application Development Services

Transform productivity by leveraging, building, and deploying business apps purpose-built for Apple platforms.

SaaS Solutions: Integrate popular software-as-a-service apps into your workflows to improve collaboration, unlock insights from data, and make processes more efficient.

ISV Apps: Deploy proven solutions from our vast Independent Software Vendor ecosystem to address your unique industry and role-based needs right out of the box.

Custom Development: Our experienced Apple developers will partner with you to build innovative iOS and macOS apps tailored to your exact business requirements. We use proven methodologies centred around your users to create beautiful, intuitive, and secure apps that solve real problems for your organisation. Apps can be privately deployed through Apple Business Manager or submitted to the public App Store.

Project Management Services

From strategic planning to ongoing management, our project management experts help guide your Apple deployment and business transformation from start to finish.

Design Services: Architect a solution tailored to address your organisation’s unique mobility, productivity, and business process challenges and goals leveraging Apple’s industry-leading hardware, software, and services.

Implementation Management: Keep your deployment on time and budget by leveraging PMP-certified managers to oversee planning, asset allocation, application development, device provisioning and rollout. We establish processes focused on driving user adoption after launch.

Ongoing Management: Go beyond basic break-fix device management to treat your mobility solution as a continually optimised business asset. We provide actionable insights using analytics to fine-tune performance and usage while keeping the environment secure through vigilant monitoring and timely updates.

Support Services

Leverage comprehensive support services so you can confidently deploy Apple at scale while optimising performance, reliability, and user experience.

Helpdesk Support: Get access to Apple-certified technicians through phone, chat, and email to quickly troubleshoot issues, offer how-to guidance, and resolve support requests.

Onsite Support: Get direct access to an Apple expert that works onsite at your location to provide face-to-face guidance, technical troubleshooting, and hands-on assistance to your staff.

Resident Engineers: Embed Ample supports engineers within your team to facilitate knowledge transfer and have dedicated, in-house Apple specialists available to handle platform issues and new requirements.

Post-Warranty Support: Don’t let device performance and reliability taper off after standard warranties expire. Our preventative maintenance packages proactively identify and address problems through regular check-ups long after purchase.

Transform your enterprise with Ample– where innovation, efficiency, and reliability converge. Let Ample help you transform productivity with Apple. Contact our experts to get started!