Learn and Grow

Ample promotes a culture of individual and professional growth within an environment of continuous learning and team collaboration. By bringing your expertise to teams with diverse talents and backgrounds, you’ll be both contributing and learning simultaneously.

Make a Difference

Ample provides the best of both the worlds by combining a structured defined work environment which nurtures learning along with the entrepreneurial atmosphere of a smaller company. We value initiative and the sharing of ideas and expertise at all levels of the organization. Right from the start, we encourage and expect each member of our team to make a significant contribution to the success of Ample.

Be Recognized and Rewarded

At Ample, we understand that the efforts and achievements of our people come in many forms. Our incentive programs are designed to recognize past performance as well as to motivate continuing career development.

We recognize and reward individual contributions, team accomplishments, the mastery of new skills, and the mentoring of team members. We expect our people to take ownership for delivering excellent results, and to share in the rewards of success.

Open Atmosphere

Open atmosphere creates easy access for all Amplites across levels and functions. It fosters a willingness to listen and change, to give and accept feedback. It encourages people to question, disagree, criticise and suggest improvements. Such openness can lead to improvement only in a disciplined environment where people conform to rules, processes and performance norms.

Outstanding Teamwork

Outstanding teamwork is the result of Amplites embracing the Ample Vision and being individually and collectively responsible for the company as a whole. A high level of teamwork takes place when there is inspired leadership, clarity of individual roles and a constant flow of communication and knowledge across the Ample network.

Long-term Relationship

We invest in relationships with our customers, team members, partners and shareholders to create substantial value for these stakeholders. Ample commits to relationships that are synergistic and long-term. We do not compromise on the interests of stakeholders for expedient, short-term considerations.