Myths about SAP HANA: Debunked!

Knowing that the same piece of information may mean different things to different people, it is natural that even hardcore SAP users find it a wee bit daunting to migrate to SAP HANA! Put on top of that the complexities of fake propaganda, and you have a recipe for incompetent technology!

No software is ever perfect, and there is always scope for improvements. However, sometimes the lies spread about us are just not true. Their preposterous nature amazes even us!

Let’s take a brief peek at the worst myths that our competition spreads and the ways to debunk them:

Myth: SAP HANA isn’t Compatible with my Industry Solution!

SAP HANA is a new product so not all features are going to be supported. It is a known fact that yesterday’s technology cannot cope with today’s reality. To compete, you need a platform for digital enterprise. You will need to upgrade your solution. SAP HANA is the Next Gen enterprise platform that helps you to refurbish your business.

The Bottom-line: You cannot rely on outdated technology that cannot take advantage of new business innovations.

Myth: HANA uses proprietary hardware

Nothing could be further from the truth. SAP HANA can facilitate the implementation of a myriad of products and services. It is a fact that SAP delivers products within warranty and has partnered itself with leaders in the service manufacturing sector. All licenses and installations are pre-included.

The Bottom-line: You are assured of using all corporate licensed versions of software when you work with SAP HANA.

Myth: SAP HANA does not provide anything new

The facilities of architectural shifts offered by SAP HANA are real game changers. HANA offers the ability to affect the vector and rate-of-speed in decision processes.

The Bottom-line: The HANA architecture can offer dynamic Business Intelligence at the end of the day!

HANA gives the most when it comes to integration. The legacy tape-drive data can be integrated with the modern-day Information Processes to achieve an aesthetic makeover of the database. The great news is that the best is still yet to be seen!