Why IBM POWER8 is the Way to Go with SAP HANA in the 21st Century!

Let’s face it: dealing with SAP HANA workloads is always complicated! As SAP businesses seek to gain maximum business value out of their IT Infrastructures, they are faced with a myriad of challenges as well as window of opportunities. SAP HANA hardware is generally neutral i.e. same regardless of platform. However, as regards performance and organizational benefits of mission-critical workloads, it is greatly dependent on the type of infrastructure it is placed upon. Today, IBM POWER8 has many fundamental comprehensive leads over its Intel contemporaries…like the x86 family!

Clear Holistic Advantage!

SAP HANA sees a clear holistic advantage as far as memory bandwidth, multithreading, correcting, and automated error checking are concerned. SAP HANA can certainly work at its best from an infrastructure that shows a high degree of resilience. And such resilience is of course needed as SAP HANA is used by the most critical of business applications.
The Advantages of SAP HANA going the IBM POWER8 Route are:

  • Flexibility in Virtualization: The IBM POWER8 server can run 8 threads per core. The RAM can be extended upto 36GB. Regards x86 and VMware 6.0 there is a limitation to checking the caveats to find what can share the hardware with each instance. Thus, the POWER8 family can offer a unique facility to run applications in parallel alongside each other.
  • Always Reliable: Let it be known that only the POWER family delivers in a reliable manner. SAP HANA demands a reliable platform, due to the sensitive operations it caters to.
  • Scaled Up Performance: 5 times better performance with almost 90% lesser cores utilized as compared to x86. Also, in terms of analytics, SAP HANA on the POWER family delivered same results as x86, with only 1/5th of the system resources used.
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership: Every business seeks to reduce costs. The IBM in-built virtualization can help merge servers and thus significantly reduce costs. It actually facilitates simpler systems management by reducing TCO by about 30% by lowering the energy, management as well as physical data server footprint.

A Shout-Out to all SAP HANA users

This is not the first and certainly not the last partnership of IBM POWER family with SAP HANA. This association continues to bring innovative benefits to clientele bases the world over. Not just a simplified streamlined environment, but also an optimum operating environment is provided.

Hailing the IBM POWER family!

As we all know, ERP is the backbone of any business process. The IBM POWER family has the capacity to do consulting, implementation, monitoring of an entire ERP module. Today, IBM is that vendor that offers end-to-end consulting with motherload of experience to back up any claims!

Looking Towards a Bright Definitive Future!

Forrester Research has suggested that in the future, IBM will be the #1 service provider for Next Gen SAP products. IBM, being a platinum partner of SAP, implements application performance testing of SAP products on IBM hardware form time to time. It requires no proof to realize that the IBM POWER family syndication with SAP HANA is going to go the distance!