Why IBM POWER8 is a Clear Strategic Asset for SAP HANA?

It is a fact that the availability of SAP HANA on IBM POWER8 is just an indication of the conviction that both corporations have in enhancing the HANA realm. With the in-built performance and price benefits of the POWER family, it comes as no surprise that SAP HANA will choose this as the platform.

A Transformative Phenomenon

This syndication is certainly beneficial for the HANA platform with a definite advantage seen in innovation, data management, speed, openness.

  • Innovation: Big Data Analytics in an extraordinary way.
  • Simplification: Centralize enterprise workloads and water down hardware complexities.
  • Catalyze: Combine advanced methodologies with the computational capabilities related to the IBM POWER family like data bandwidth, low latency, resiliency, and so on.

Choose Your Hardware Wisely: Because it Makes a Difference!

It is a widely known fact that deploying SAP HANA on POWER8 gives access to latest insights and statistical numbers that inform us about customer trends that help us in adapting product offerings and plan campaigns. The customers get almost instantaneous insights into current trends and also respond in a quick and adaptable way to the ever-fluctuating demands. At the end of the business day, nothing pleases a businessman more than a solid ROI. IBM POWER8 has the unique advantage of acting as a catalyst to the returns.

Continued Dedication of the POWER family

Let it be known that this is the first platform to be generally available for multiple virtualized production environments that make use of SAP HANA. POWER systems provide a distinct alternative to the unreliable and inflexible x86 platforms. Today, there are thousands of global organizations that are able to improve their existing processes and features in disaster recovery, backups, high availability, and so on. The most exciting fact is that clients start seeing the benefits with very little time investment!