5 Things about IBM POWER8 Your Boss Wants To Know

You may all be well aware of the Intel x86 suite of servers. For years, Intel had a power-grip on the server-centric universe. That has slowly changed since the inception of POWER8 servers in 2013. One feature that has made the POWER group a sure winner is its remote start automation tool. In addition, it also has been built to be massively multithreaded. Here, we will give 5 of the most winning features of IBM POWER8 as relevant to SAP HANA today.

  • 5X Faster: Built innately to deal with Big Data, POWER includes a unique combination of computing power, memory bandwidth and I/O for a superfast highway to analytics.
  • Advanced Cloud Economics: It is important to note that there are advantages in functionalities and security in moving more data-centric applications to the cloud environment.
  • Exclusively Big Data Analytics: IBM today has what it takes to deal with an enormous amount of information on a day-to-day basis. In other words, it is a one-of-a-kind hardware that is designed primarily for Big Data!
  • Simplified Remote Restart Capability: After a crash any novice can easily remotely restart logical partitions (LPARs) on a different POWER8 server. While the LPAR is running, the LPM feature in the POWER family facilitates the relocation of LPAR from one sever to the next in a simplified way.
  • The Better Alternative: When compared with the x86 suite, it is a certainty that the POWER family delivers better results, drives home practical efficiency, time-efficient and is a less costly option.

With POWER systems, you can be sure to get a stable bedrock for Watson analytics. As the 21st century ushers in an era of cognition, it is utmost necessary to ensure that there be a platform that can provide a suitable leverage to this genre. Today, there is a need being felt to gain faster insights from your data and provide for a drastic makeover to the relationship between your computer and datasets. If that was not enough, POWER8 enables fault tolerance, data rectification and a certain degree of reliability.

Even the Sky is not the Limit!

NASA hosts the POWER processor chip on the Pathfinder spacecraft, Phoenix Mars Lander, and the rovers-Spirit, Opportunity and Curiosity! One thing can be certainly said about the POWER family: wherever it goes, it doesn’t fail to impress!

At the end of the business day, the IBM POWER8 suite is the most corporate-centric option. Today, IBM has certainly taken over the processor dominion from all of its contemporaries!