5 Signs You Should Invest in SAP HANA right now!

Investing in the SAP HANA Bandwagon is the Best thing an Intelligent IT Businessman can do!

Although it is widely known today that come 2026, SAP is ending its support for any database other than HANA, there are many attractive and relevant reasons to migrate to SAP HANA right now! If your business is facing either of the following changes, you know it’s time to make the shift!

  • Outdated/Expired Services: For those businesses that are progressing towards the end of their infrastructure cycle, migrating to SAP HANA is certainly better than renewing the ECC hardware or removing redundant data. It can give better cost benefits and ROI especially when migrating from an on-site framework to the cloud.
  • Too Much Dependency: If a business realizes that its critical business processes are too much reliant on middleware software, costly and high maintenance hardware, and complex platforms. SAP HANA enables a watering down of the many complex nuances like in-between processes and enables abstraction of many layers.
  • Capturing Declining Markets: It goes without saying that organizations need SAP HANA reliability to make it big in the market today. With the flexibility and adaptability of the SAP HANA, the migration can help lift up the organization and thus secure commitments.
  • Shift in Hosting Providers: Business can minimize their costs and interferences in post-live sessions and routine transactions. Improved efficiency that comes with SAP HANA is an add-on.
  • Latch on the IoT Bandwagon: With experts predicting that the IoT market will reach 30 billion objects by 2020, this market shows huge promise. The fact (by Fortune) that SAP plans to invest 2 Billion Euros in IoT by 2020 says enough!

High time for a Metamorphosis!

How much more are you going to wait? Today no business can afford delaying business data beyond competitive usability. Practices such as data warehousing, data batch processing and extraction are becoming redundant.

To deal with the ever-increasing complexities of Big Data, it has become the need-of-the-hour to search for actionable insights on such complex data. In an era where budding entrepreneurs are emerging like spring butterflies, there is a high appreciation for innovation, simplification and acceleration! SAP HANA on IBM POWER provides all the above and much more!